Not a camera trick: The world's tallest man has just met the world's shortest woman

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Sultan Kosen and Jyoti Amge have met up in Egypt (AP)

Despite looking like a the result of a Photoshop, these pictures show the world’s tallest man meeting up with the world’s shortest woman.

Sultan Kosen, 36, from Turkey, stands at a whopping 8ft 9in tall, and towers above pretty much everyone on the planet.

But Jyoti Amge, from Nagpur, India, really has to stretch her neck back to catch a glimpse of him as she stands at just 62.8cm tall – or 2ft 6in.

The height disparity between the two is stark when stood next to each other (AP)
Ms Amge stands at just 62.8cm tall, compared to Mr Kosen’s 8ft 9in (AP)
The pair were brought to Egypt in an effort to boost tourism to the country (AP)

Ms Amge, 25, holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s shortest woman and she met up with her polar opposite for a photoshoot in Egypt.

The record-breaking pair were at Egypt’s Giza city to pose for a series of shots in an attempt to boost tourism in the country.

They were invited for the quirky photoshoot by the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board and the pair’s height difference was stark as they stood next to each other.

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Mr Kosen height is down to a condition known as pituitary gigantism and he is one of only 10 people in history to reach 8ft in height or more.

Ms Amge has a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia, meaning she is shorter than an average two-year-old, despite being in her mid-20s.