Not Getting Any Dates? Try Conflabbing Or Conscious Couponing

If you’re after a date in 2023, you’ll probably be turning to the apps, along with everyone else, it seems.

This Sunday (January 8) is set to to be the busiest day of the year for online dating. But, be careful – there are plenty of fresh dos and don’ts which you might want to read up on to avoid unintentionally giving someone the ick.

And that includes potentially, um, conflabbing.

Let us explain.

Dating dos for 2023

The pros behind dating site have suggested that this year, those looking for a date should keep an eye on these behaviours – or even try them themselves.

1. Consciously couponing

With everyone backed into a cost of living corner, now is the time to be looking for money-saving dates rather than expensive ones

2. Conflabbing

Try adding a voice note to your dating profile to give people another way in to gauging your personality (and Match suggests it will help someone know if they are attracted to you sooner rather than later...)

3. Double dutching

Going 50/50 on the bill is expected to be more popular this year – and working out how to share the cost is another way to bond earlier in the relationship.

4. Thawing

Maybe you’ve had a match that ended up getting “frozen” when life got in the way of a good connection. This year, it’s all about rekindling that spark.

5. Scrumming

This one is for the bashful among us. If you don’t like the one-on-one scenarios, try arranging dates with other couples – it can help everyone feel slightly less pressure.

6. Hesidating

Like “taking it slow” but even more mindful, apparently plenty of people are now more cautious with who they date, only wanting to promise their time to those who are worth it.

7. Cannonballing

But forget ghosting – after the three years we’ve just had, many more people are likely to dive in completely if they’re keen, rather than playing games.

Dating don’ts ...

Match suggests avoiding bad grammar, sexual innuendos, cheesy chatup lines and replying too slowly on the apps. Instead, try opening with a joke or a question about the other person’s profile.

Then, there are the emojis which you should *definitely* not use, according to Match’s research into the cringeist ways to communicate online.

So, if you want to increase your chances of getting a reply, avoid the following emoji faux pas:

  1. 🍆

  2. 👅

  3. 😈

  4. 🍑

  5. 💪

  6. 💋

  7. 💔

  8. 🙈

  9. 🙊

  10. 😝