‘We are not going to move anywhere’: Ukrainians stay put despite constant Russian shelling

Smashed-in terraces and blown-out windows have become common in the micro-district Korabel in Kherson after constant shelling pounded it for over a month.

But despite having limited access to electricity, heating and water, thousands have chosen to remain.

"We are not going to move anywhere. We were born here, we have lived here, and we will live here," one resident said.

"We live on water. We have got water. Thank God it surrounds us, so somehow we will survive,” another person said, referring to the river that runs next to Kherson.

At least 7,000 people have chosen to stay in their homes despite the near-constant fighting. And Ukrainian officials are trying to help many of them.

“We are planning to provide generators. We have received applications for 400 heating devices so that we can distribute them among the people,” Halyna Lugova, the head of the military administration of Kherson, said.

Ukrainian forces are also working to evacuate people in need from Kherson and its surrounding suburbs.

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