Not Going Out pays tribute to late actor Bobby Ball with special episode

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Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Not Going Out tonight (March 25) paid tribute to one of its stars, Bobby Ball, following his untimely death.

The actor passed away in October 2020 following a battle with COVID-19. He played Lee Mack's father Frank in the BBC sitcom since 2006.

In the comedy show's latest episode, it has been over a year since Frank's death and his wife, Wendy, decided to pay him tribute by creating an oil painting.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

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The episode started on an emotional, yet still hilarious, note as Lee brought down an old box of his dad's stuff.

"No one's around forever," said Lee as he went through the box. "You should spend as much time as possible with family whilst you've got them."

It is then that Wendy, his mother-in-law, arrived, armed with an oil portrait of Frank as a gift for Lee.

Unfortunately, Lee and Lucy – and even Geoffrey, it was revealed later on – were not big fans.

"I decided to reconnect with that 6-year-old girl," Wendy said proudly.

"Well you've certainly done that," remarked Lee, staring dejectedly at the painting.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

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The couple were then forced to find a place to hang it and, after a failed attempt to store it in the shed where Lee "felt closest" to his dad, the portrait ended up on their living room wall – much to the duo's dismay.

Lee spent the rest of the episode attempting to 'lose' the painting without Wendy or Geoffrey noticing.

In the end, to Geoffrey's horror, the portrait ended up back in his house, after being "defaced" by Lee pretending to be Mollie.

The special episode was a sweet homage to the comedy actor while continuing to spread laughter by not taking itself too seriously.

In fact, many viewers were quick to also join in through Twitter to share their thoughts and praise over the tribute.

Not Going Out airs on BBC One.

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