'Not Good at All': YouTuber Bitten by Venomous Snake in Baltimore County Park

A YouTuber documented his scary experience of being bitten by a copperhead snake at Marshy Point Nature Center, Maryland.

Steven Johnson, who owns the YouTube channel DOUBLEO (obsession outdoors), filmed himself hiking in the forest on June 18.

“Ouch,” Johnson stops walking after he feels something bite his leg. He then refocuses his camera on a hard to see snake that’s crawling on the ground. Johnson then quickly asks a passer-by to call help when he realizes he has been bitten by a copperhead snake.

“I’m shaking,” he shows the crimson snake bites on his leg to the camera.

Park staff send Johnson to an ambulance after securing the snake. Johnson said he was later released by the hospital as he only received a “dry bite”.

Experts advise anyone who is bitten by a copperhead snake to seek medical attention as “serious reactions to copperhead venom” can occur, according to the National Park Service’s website. Credit: DOUBLEO (obsession outdoors) via Storyful