‘It's Not Like I'm Retiring Or Anything’: What Tom Selleck Is Actually Banking On When He Says He Hopes CBS Will Change Its Mind About Blue Bloods

 Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan sitting at desk looking serious.
Credit: CBS

We’re midway through the summer TV schedule at this point, which means fall TV is quickly approaching. On this schedule, fans know they will be getting the final 10 episodes of Blue Bloods, a bittersweet proposition for many, including the show’s cast, after the drama became one of the major TV cancelations of 2024. And while Season 14 officially wrapped production a few days ago, Tom Selleck at least is still holding onto the hope that “CBS will come to their senses.” But what’s driving this idea?

Selleck’s been making the rounds in support of his new book You Never Know: A Memoir, a title that feels like it mirrors his hopes the long-running Reagan family drama will continue into the future. (Though it's not what the book is about.) In one of these interviews he was asked about oft-saying he hopes the show will continue. Noting “it’s not like I’m retiring or anything,” the 79-year-old actor explained what he’s actually banking on when he’s made these comments in TV and print interviews. He told Country Living:

My hope is CBS wakes up to the fact that we're still winning the night on Friday night and performing on Paramount Plus.

In fact, while CBS would characterize Blue Bloods as ending with a split Season 14, that’s not really how the longtime TV actor feels. Blue Bloods Season 14, Part 2 isn’t coming until the fall, and Selleck feels like it should be treated as an additional season.

But what people don't realize is, we're gonna do a 15th season. We're doing a 10-show season, like all the other shows because of the strike, for the 14th season. And we'll do eight shows in the fall, the premier of our 15th season.

He’s not wrong about any of this. Blue Bloods does still crush in its timeslot on Friday nights. And having a TV series air in the spring with another set of episodes in the fall would often be characterized as a new season by network TV standards. (Though there is some precedent with Bridgerton and other shows airing split seasons, as well.)

No matter how you cut it, though, the show will likely be ending next winter, no matter how hard Selleck pushes on the matter. I really think what fans should focus on are the possibilities for the future. There is some indication that the Eye Network has some sort of Blue Bloods continuation in the works, and given how vague the information is right now, there’s a ton of possibility that Frank Reagan or other characters could potentially pop in or be a part of whatever is in store for the franchise next.

And hey– maybe it would also give him some more free time to spend on the avocado ranch.