Not just ChatGPT: January boom in AI news heralds big year for bots

ChatGPT isn't the only game in town. It may have just hit a record-breaking 100 million monthly active users in just two months, according to a UBS study, but other artificial intelligence (AI) heavyweights hope to catch up. Chief among them are Google's LaMDA, so clever that an employee was fired for calling it "sentient", and Anthropic's Claude, which The New York Times reports is closing in on $300 million in funding.

Chatbots aside, there's a whole lot else going on in AI, with news site CNET having to correct dozens of articles generated by a computer, tech company NVIDIA helping you keep eye contact on video calls, and even an infinite "Seinfeld" rip-off on streaming site Twitch that's powered by none other than AI.

We tell you more in this week's edition of Tech 24.

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