The Nottingham brewery allowing you to brew whatever you like - there's a catch

A Nottingham microbrewery is helping people create their own beers for £750 as part of a crowdfunding project. Neon Raptor Brewing Co, based in Sneinton Market, announced their plans to relocate the company's brewery and taproom to Gedling Street back in January.

Since opening in 2017, the local beer makers have garnered a large and loyal following for their outlandish range of flavours including 'mint chocolate chip and Turkish delight' and 'peanut butter and jelly.' They say they now need a bigger space to meet the demand.

Neon Raptor's application has been approved by Nottingham City Council and the company has already begun moving to the new property. It is currently empty but was most recently used as an office for a new student accommodation building.

The brewing company hopes to open the new taproom by winter, however, they say they still need additional funds to get the new building fully set up and "kitted out from day one". To assist with this, the team at Neon Raptor have created a crowdfunder through their website with a target of £50,000.

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A range of perks can be purchased as part of the initiative, including a bar spend starting at £10, branded merchandise at £25, and entry to the new taproom's launch party at £35, among others. The most expensive perk on offer is the 'we brew your recipe' experience.

Costing £750, it will allow two people to visit the brewery from October 2024 to create their own beer. Josh Mellor, who co-owns Neon Raptor, said that while he believes many will find the experience enjoyable, he appreciates that due to the high price, it will primarily be brought by regular visitors of the brewery.

He said: "I'm shocked and amazed at the response. It's going well so far, but we've got a long way to go. A lot of the people coming to do the 'brew your own beer' are people who have ordered from us before.

"We've sold a few of those and it's nice to see that those people really want to support us and get involved. We just thought it would be a fun way for people to contribute. There's been quite a good spread across all the different perks."

Neon Raptor say they are relocating from their former site (pictured) to Gedling Street to keep up with demand.
Neon Raptor say they are relocating from their former site (pictured) to Gedling Street to keep up with demand. -Credit:Joseph Raynor/ Nottingham Post

The new premises are set to have the production brewery at the back and taproom at the front, whilst the existing site will be open to the public to learn about brewing. "We’ve never really been able to open our doors and so this will be the first time we do it.

"The real shame with being at Sneinton Market was that we used all the space up really quickly, so some of those elements of being able to share our knowledge were sadly taken away from us. The business grew and there was a desire for more beer, which meant we couldn't follow some of the ethos's we wanted to. We want to showcase the magic of brewing beer."

Customers can also get their name printed on a can for £20, or become a 'Team Raptor Member' for £75, which provides a discount on beers for ten years, among other benefits. The crowdfunder is currently at 21% of its 50,000 goal.

The new taproom and brewery is set to be a large venture for the Neon Raptor team who also own Suds and Soda in Derby. The brewery is also set to begin selling beers in Morrisons, marking their first major supermarket trade deal.

"The taproom we’ve got at the moment at Sneinton Market was done on a bit of a shoestring and money was tight. So to see the levels of support we've got on social media and for the crowdfunder is great.

"It seems people are excited to see what we’re doing and it's all been really positive."