Nottingham café boss and customer rescue person from burning building

Danny McDonald, owner of Gasse Cafe
-Credit: (Image: Nottingham Post/ Joel Moore)

A Nottingham café owner and one of his customers rushed into a fire-stricken building to rescue a person who had become trapped. Emergency services were called to a fire at a property in Hill Crest Grove, off Hucknall Road in Sherwood at around 12.20pm on Saturday, May 25.

Three fire crews attended the scene and managed to extinguish the blaze in around an hour. At least five police cars were also called to the street.

Danny McDonald, owner of Gasse Cafe, which is just metres away from the building that caught fire, said he and a customer ran into the property as soon as they noticed the smoke. An occupant, which he said was either a young man or teenager, had become trapped on the first floor and was poking his head out the window.

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"The floor was on fire and the door wouldn't open so we came back down because of the smoke," said the 34-year-old. "We tried to get him to come out of the window. The customer then managed to push the door open and he came running out.

"He was black from smoke. I'm not sure how it started but as long as he's alright."

Mr McDonald said firefighters turned up five minutes later but said if it wasn't for him and the customer "he could've died". Wing Ng and Lun Tang, who live in the adjoining home with two young children, said they were unaware of the fire until someone knocked on their door.

Fire engines in Hill Crest Road in Sherwood
Fire engines in Hill Crest Road in Sherwood -Credit:Nigel Sarsfield

"We were just having lunch," said Ms Ng. "There was smoke coming out the top window and people standing outside. They said someone was still inside.

"We stayed watching what happened, he came out with someone and sat here [by the front door] and had a rest." Nottinghamshire Police have been contacted for more information.