Nottingham Forest cheques worth millions signed off as chairman reveals what's next for City Ground

Nottingham Forest chairman Tom Cartledge (left) at the City Ground
-Credit: (Image: Nathan Stirk/Getty Images)

Nottingham Forest chairman Tom Cartledge says he wants the City Ground to be the club's home but admits it will only take them a certain distance in terms of revenue.

Speaking on the Forest Focus podcast, which is out today, Cartledge addresses a number of topics including the potential of a stadium move. Owner Evangelos Marinakis told the Daily Mail he wants the club to move because "moving to a bigger facility will set the club on the right path."

It's been a highly-debated topic and there is also a desire to remain at the City Ground within the fanbase. But Cartledge explained that there is only so much they can do at Forest's current home and the possibility of moving will continue to be discussed with a 50,000 stadium at Toton a potential site.

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In the meantime, however, Marinakis has just signed of a further injection of millions to make further stadium improvements.

"There's been talks of moving the City Ground to a certain angle and all these other things," he told Forest Focus.

"Well the reality is the stadium site we sit in at the moment has all these restrictions. There are residential neighbourhoods close by, limited car parking, the river is there. FIFA compliance means the pitch has to be in a certain direction which is sometimes forgotten about.

"If we want to be hosting big events then you need circulation space around the outside. We can achieve a lot at the City Ground but we still have to be mindful it will still only go a certain distance in terms of providing attendance and a revenue we might need going forward.

"The City Ground, and I have talked about it in the press, is our home. We want it to be our home. We spent £10 or £15m last season and the season before on upgrades. And you're just about to see as soon as Take That leave the ground, a series of more investments. I was with the owner on Monday signing off cheques that are significant in their millions to put safe standing in, to build the corner boxes, increase the fan spaces and that's just confirmation that we're not going anywhere soon."

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