Nottingham shop that's claimed it's closing down for 8 months actually closes

The Home Store on Lower Parliament Street, displaying 'closing down' signs
-Credit: (Image: Nottingham Post)

A Nottingham homeware store which used a speaker to blare out the news that it was closing down for months has finally actually shut. The Home Store on Lower Parliament Street, just outside the main entrance of the Victoria Centre, has closed in recent days and as of Monday, May 27, is completely empty.

Alamqin Khan, who managed the business, told Nottinghamshire Live in September that the shop was closing. However, despite the many signs displayed in its windows and the message pleading with shoppers to take advantage of sales being blared out by a speaker, it remained open for more than half a year - prompting some city dwellers to joke that it would never close its doors.

Nottingham residents, some of whom were annoyed by the computerised voice which would constantly read out the closure announcement to those within earshot of the shop's large speaker, took to social media to express their disbelief that it had actually closed. "It's finally happened...The day of reckoning is upon us," one Reddit user joked, sharing a picture of the vacated store.

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Other locals chimed in with their own jokes about the long-running closure, with one sarcastically jibing "Alexa play we'll meet again by Vera Lynn", while another referred to a quote from Titanic character Rose with "It's been 84 years". Many shoppers commented on the "annoying" voice from the shop's speakers, with one saying: "So the TikTok AI voice will [do] no more talking. It will take time to get used to it."

Previously, on a different Reddit post before the shop shut, those living in the city complained about the loudspeaker promoting the months-long closing down sale. "The notice they play on that massive speaker is really annoying," one account said, with a second adding "I don't understand how they're allowed to play that speaker out onto that street".

Last September Mr Khan, the store's manager at the time, said the store had been very busy since its sale started. The shop sold bedding, tupperware, pots, pans and various other household items.