Nottingham UFC Gym customer says claims everyone has been refunded is 'rubbish'

A general exterior view of a large unit at Castle Marina Retail Park in Nottingham, believed to be opening as UFC Gym
-Credit: (Image: Joseph Raynor/ Nottingham Post)

A customer at the UFC gym says that the company's claim that everyone has been refunded is 'rubbish'. Mark Watchorn, from Nuthall, says that he is still yet to receive the money - approximately £100 - that he is owed for two months of membership payment charged since the gym, in Huntingdon Street, closed in November.

Marketing manager Curtis Harvey told Nottinghamshire Live on May 24 that if anyone had been refunded, it was likely because their bank account or email address has changed since the gym shut. But Mr Watchorn, 47, claims that his details have been the same the whole time.

He said: "I thought, that's just total rubbish. It's a fob-off. What an excuse. My bank account's been the same since I was about five years old. Ultimately, I just want my money back. It would be helpful. But there are principles here too. It's the way they've gone about everything."

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Web designer Mr Watchorn and his brother, who are "massive" UFC fans, were members of the Nottingham gym on Huntingdon Street right from its inception in 2019. Having a UFC Gym in the city was "just awesome", Mark says, and the pair signed up before it had even opened.

He says that when the pandemic struck in 2020, the company froze accounts in the same way as they had promised in November last year. But that time, accounts were actually frozen and no money was taken from customers when it wasn't supposed to be.

As a result, Mark says there was "no reason" to query it this time around. But by January, he, like others, had been charged for two full months of gym membership despite not having had a gym to go to.

His multiple attempts to contact the gym were often responded to in the first instance, with him being told the situation was being looked into before communications went quiet. Since then he has often checked the progress of the site when collecting shopping from Sainsbury's at Castle Marina, but says he cannot see much due to the windows being papered over.

He says he "really enjoyed" the gym and the people there when he was a regular attendee. But since it shut in November, he's not had anywhere to train and has been "left in limbo" having not signed up to go anywhere else because of sign-up fees and the chance he won't stay for long.

His returning to the gym when it re-opens will depend on how the situation is handled from this point onwards. He said: "They've burnt a lot of bridges with a lot of people. They've got to offer us something after this. Then I'll think about it. I think it's going to be very difficult for them when they open and I don't think anybody will go back if they don't do something to try and make things right."

Nottinghamshire Live contacted UFC Gym for comment and Mr Watchorn confirmed that they had then been in touch with him since. Marketing manager Curtis Harvey said: “We are aware of Mark's request and responded to him initially on the 24th May via email and are working to resolve any outstanding refund due.

"I have contacted Mark personally today to follow up on his email also to ensure it is resolved. After publication of the previous article, we had a few people come back with a similar situation and they have also all now been contacted to begin the process of resolving any outstanding refunds.

"As stated previously our membership system should have now refunded everyone. If any previous members still feel they are due a refund or feel this has missed them please contact us at the email address with their full name, email address that was on our membership system and relevant contact details so we can resolve this promptly.”