Nottingham's best Thai restaurants according to reviews website Three Best Rated

Zaap - rated one of Nottingham's best Thai restaurants - had previously been awarded best Asian restaurant from the Nottingham Food and Drink Awards. Pictured front from left Tew Noinanta, Bow Karchu and Sansinee Chaipa.
-Credit: (Image: Nottingham Post / Picture It)

Thai cuisine is loved throughout Britain. When it comes to eating out, many opt for the aromatic and exciting flavours of classics such as Thai Green Curry and Pad Thai.

Nottingham is no exception, boasting a range of brilliant Thai restaurants, both in Nottingham and throughout the county. Whether you're looking to spice it up and try something new, or tuck into your favourite authentic dish, there are plenty of well-rated and affordable options.

We've put together a list of the top three Thai restaurants around the county - according to the Three Best Rated site - to make that tough decision of where to pick slightly easier. The site rates the establishments by implementing a rigorous 50-point inspection, taking local reviews, business standards and experience amongst others into consideration.

Zapp Thai Street Food

The award-winning restaurant, located in Bromley Place, Nottingham City Centre, takes the top spot on the list. Renowned for its pairing of authentic Thai street food with a vibrant décor, Zapp also has sites in Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield and York.

The inspection report by Three Best Rated awarded the eatery a ten out of ten rating in areas such as pricing, location proximity and online order service, whilst the experience category was rated an eight out of ten.

The review site said: "Featuring a staggering selection of over 80 authentic Thai street food dishes, your taste buds will embark on a flavorful journey, evoking the vibrant spirit of Bangkok and transporting you to the street food epicentre of the world, Thailand. Zaap Thai is committed to using exclusively fresh, locally sourced spices, capturing the essence of the Land of Smiles in every dish."

Chai Yo Thai

While their tasty and fresh offerings of Thai classics are very popular, it's the experience of Chai Yo Thai - located in Parliament Terrace, Nottingham City Centre - that brings many customers back. The authentic family-run business is well-loved by many locals for both the food and the exceptional customer service, reflected in the ratings on Three Best Rated.

Areas such as pricing and online order service were rated ten out of ten. For business hours and ratings, a nine was awarded.

The website's review reads: "Their offerings encompass a range of timeless Thai delights, including aromatic curries, flavourful noodles, and expertly prepared stir-fried dishes. It's an ideal destination for a group of friends seeking both enjoyment and exquisite cuisine."

Arunothai Restaurant

Completing the top three is Arunothai, who has been serving up gourmet dishes since 2013. Located in Farleys Lane, Hucknall, the restaurant offers customers a fine-dying experience, while maintaining the authenticity and taste of the beloved Thai cuisine.

Three Best Rated wrote: “Their accomplished team of chefs is both enthusiastic and dedicated to infusing Thai culture into your dining experience. The restaurant is committed to preparing traditional Thai dishes using the freshest ingredients, which include herbs, spices, and fresh vegetables sourced weekly from Thailand."

The venue was given a ten out of ten for pricing, ratings and location proximity, while the business hours and experience were awarded an eight.