Nottinghamshire primary school could be rated Outstanding if Ofsted inspection took place now

Two teachers and eight pupils pictured in a classroom, with the children holding up some gold balloons that read "good"
-Credit: (Image: Lou Brimble)

An interim Ofsted inspection at a primary and nursery school in Nottinghamshire suggests it could receive an outstanding rating if a full inspection took place now. Beeston Fields Primary & Nursery School, on Boundary Road, Beeston, is currently rated good.

Inspectors described it as an "inclusive school where pupils feel safe and happy", adding that pupils are "polite and kind" and say there is no bullying. The Beeston school was found to have a "highly ambitious curriculum for all pupils" and that "excellent behaviour and attitudes to learning mean that pupils across the school achieve well".

Staff were also praised for effective behaviour management strategies, having "expert subject knowledge". The inspectors said: "They communicate their knowledge clearly and model tasks carefully.

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"Pupils remember what they have learned and explain their ideas with confidence." Provision for pupils’ wider development is described as "a strength of the school".

Children told inspectors they are proud to attend Beeston Fields, which in addition to its ambitious curriculum, offers wide ranging enrichment activities including debating club, boxing and chess clubs, and where children are able to make positive contributions to the environment. In early years, the report says children are well provided for, saying "high expectations mean that children have a solid foundation to build on as they start school".

Inspectors write that very strong pastoral support is in place for those pupils exhibiting the greatest need. "All pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), are found to be both challenged, and supported to achieve highly.

"The support for pupils with SEND, including some pupils who have a high level of need, is exemplary," the inspectors added. Leadership and the workplace is also praised in the report, stating "Staff appreciate leaders’ consideration of their well-being.

"They value the support given to their professional development. Morale is high. Staff hold leaders in very high regard."

Headteacher, Angela Huthart, said she is pleased with the report and credits the whole school community with its positive outcome. She said: "The staff and governors of Beeston Fields are delighted that the work of the school has been recognised so positively.

"In particular, we are pleased that the inspector acknowledged the inclusive nature of the school, the high standards achieved, the ambition of the curriculum and the expertise of the staff. It is wonderful to hear that both staff and pupils are rightly proud and happy to be part of the Beeston Fields family.

"A huge thank you to our supportive parents and carers, governors and staff, and most of all to our amazing children who make this school such a wonderful place for our children to learn and grow."