Novak Djokovic storms out of BBC Wimbledon interview as he snaps at reporter

Novak Djokovic.
-Credit: (Image: (Image: BBC.))

Novak Djokovic abruptly ended his interview with the BBC after becoming frustrated with questions focusing on the crowd's behaviour, which he had previously criticised following his fourth-round victory at Wimbledon against Holger Rune.

The world number two had expressed his displeasure during the match, claiming that spectators were mocking him by chanting Rune's name. He responded to them in his on-court interview by sarcastically saying "goooood night" in a drawn-out manner, imitating what he perceived as jeers.

Djokovic's dissatisfaction continued into his BBC interview, where he quickly became dissatisfied with the direction of the questioning and chose to exit the discussion early.

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When first questioned about his reaction after the match, Djokovic tersely answered: "Same."

Further pressed on whether he feels he receives the respect he deserves as a seven-time champion, Djokovic said: "As I said in the post-match interview, I think most of the people in the stadium were respectful and I thank them and know that after watching tennis all day it's not easy. I was thankful, I don't take it for granted, they are a big part of why I still play, the crowds who appreciate what we do and the effort we put in," reports the Express.

He added: "When I feel that a crowd is stepping over the line, I react, I don't regret my words or actions on the court."

When confronted about the matter for the third time, Djokovic lost patience, shooting back at a question regarding crowd hostility: "Do you have any questions other than the crowd? I mean are you focused only on that or any questions about the match, or something like that? Or is it solely focused on that? This is the third question already, I said what I have to say, maybe we can speak about something else."

An attempt from the journalist to switch gears and ask him about his quarter-final competition with Alex de Minaur was met with a lacklustre response. Djokovic curtly replied: "Yeah I look forward to it, it's going to be a tough one.."

He nodded to the reporter who tried to talk to Djokovic about the support his opponent will have for their clash on Wednesday, as the boyfriend of British star Katie Boulter, but Djokovic instead stood up and walked out of the interview without answering the question.

BBC's Clare Balding painted the picture of the unusual interview as "interesting," reassuring viewers that Centre Court attendees were cheering for Djokovic's competition, not against Djokovic himself.

However, after sealing a straight-set win, Djokovic fired back at detractors declaring: "And to all those people that have chosen to disrespect the player, in this case me, have a goooood night."

His retort resonated when Balding challenged him with a suggestion of non-booing crowd, the 37-year-old Serbian made it clear saying: "They were, they were, they were. I don't accept it. No, no, no."