Now Chantelle Connelly Has Quit Geordie Shore Too

MTV bosses had better think about holding some auditions in Newcastle as Chantelle Connelly has become the third cast member to quit in a month.


Chantelle got a plane home from filming the show in Kavos on Friday after reuniting with her ex-boyfriend Tommy Sayers. They’ve even made it official on Facebook which is basically the same as getting married.


A show insider said: “Chantelle’s heart hasn’t been in it since the cast started filming the new series. She has a lot of history with Tommy and it was either him or the show so she decided to quit for love.“​

Well, no one can argue with love, can they?

Chantelle follows cast members Aaron Chalmers and Charlotte Crosby out of the Geordie Shore house. There’s not going to be anyone left at this rate.

Chantelle Connelly/Instagram

The Sun revealed last week that Aaron was quitting after this series (although other reports deny he’s said he’s leaving) and Charlotte Crosby announced she wouldn’t be returning after revelations of her ectopic pregnancy stunned fans.

But don’t worry because original housemate Sophie Kaesei is heading back to the show.

A source told The Sun: “Sophie can’t wait to return to Geordie Shore, it’s a dream come true for her!

“She didn’t think it would ever happen but the Geordie Shore cast are like family to her and she can’t wait to be reunited with them it’s just a shame Charlotte won’t be there.”

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