'There will be nowhere left!' - readers react as Bristol council set to buy up city centre car parks

Portwall Lane Car Park in Bristol
-Credit: (Image: Google Maps)

Bristol Live readers have been discussing plans by Bristol City Council to buy two car parks as part of its ambitious Temple Quarter regeneration scheme. The grand project around Temple Meads train station aims to construct several thousand new homes. Readers and residents have been having their say here in our comments section and also over on our Facebook page.

In the coming week, council chiefs are expected to approve plans for the next phase of the project. This includes acquiring a small car park just outside the train station and securing an option on a larger car park in Redcliffe, where there are plans to build 120 homes off Portwall Lane.

The smaller car park, located on Lower Station Approach, is visible to those exiting the station and walking down the hill towards the main road. The decision to move forward with the next phase will be made by members of the Strategy and Resources committee on Monday, July 15.

Commenter Jabbymisschief is unhappy: “Always residential and always ugly. Doesn't Bristol centre deserve a break from this poor quality development? When was the last time the city got a park for example? Homes are needed but not necessarily crammed into the centre. Where is any intelligence, any empathy for our environment? Start with more open space and more large trees to keep it cool in every sense of the word.”

HanhamHeights disagrees: “I'd argue the centre is actually exactly where homes are needed, close to amenities and not miles out of town in some rabbit hutch estate 40 minutes from the nearest pub or shop…”

6470 is concerned: “The council is pleading poverty but will borrow more money putting Bristol in more debt. They can't clear a drain or clean graffiti! I reported a blocked drain in a bus lane which sprays water over pedestrians every time the bus goes past on 18/3/24 and all the council have done is send me 3 emails threatening to do something, but nothing happened. If they cannot get the basics right how are we supposed to trust them with anything?”

Junius1 says: “If the developer stands to make profit from house building on the land, the outlay of capital for purchasing the car parks should come from the developer. How much say will BCC have on the percentage of affordable or social rented housing there will be in these developments?”

Mindless replies: “It's not about housing it's about MONEY. How many of these rabbit hutches will be for Students / Affordable Housing? The landscape of inner Bristol has suffered worse since the war than during it.” Katiem agrees: “Bearing in mind this car park is near to St Mary Redcliffe, the development needs to be sympathetic to its surroundings.”

Blyth writes: “If you ever need to attend a funeral or wedding at St Mary Redcliffe there will be nowhere to park. Portwall car park is full each day by 8am!!!” HanhamHeights suggests: “Park somewhere else then and walk it, or go to the Park & Ride and get the bus in.” Nonickname! replies: "Both can be unreliable, also not ideal for elderly or infirm. I thought that Portobello Lane car park allegedly has a covenant for no building.”

Over on our Facebook page Simon Bell says: “I hope they will be council flats for rent only.” Robin Stanbridge adds sarcastically: “Hope it’s for student accommodation as we are in dire need for more!” Russell Edwards thinks: “Affordable property will never be available in urban Bristol for the average salaried family, who will only be able to afford a home on new developments on the outskirts of the city.”

Andy Foxon thinks: “Here’s a plan, first sort the issues with the current council housing. 2nd, purchase & repair the current thousands of empty run down houses. 3rd, build new shiny accommodation, & info structure. 4th, knock down new build accommodation to make way for much needed parking…”

Tony Frost writes finally: “They say we need houses but we don't need them like they say. We should be looking at the 250k derelict homes across the country!”

How do you feel about the new proposal? Do you think it will benefit Bristol? Have your say in our comments section