NS&I issues key advice to Premium Bond holders saying 'write now'

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A Premium Bonds customer expressed frustration in their attempts to consolidate their NS&I savings. The saver contacted NS&I, stating: "The live chat does not understand anything I'm asking, it's very frustrating.

"I have an NS&I account for an ISA. I would like my old Premium Bonds adding to my online NS&I account but I don't know how to do this. I can't find any information on this specific request."

In response, a representative explained the process, saying: "Sorry to hear this. To merge your account, please write to us at NS&I, Sunderland SR43 2SB with a signed letter. Please include your name, date of birth, address, your current NS&I number you log in with, and details of the missing Bonds.

"If the name and/or address is different on the old Bonds, please include your previous details as well." NS&I advises customers to provide as much detail as possible when writing, including personal details and reference numbers such as NS&I number, holder's or customer number, or account number.

An individual can hold up to £50,000 in Premium Bonds, with each £1 Bond having an equal chance of being selected for a prize in the monthly draw. Many prize winners often reinvest their winnings into more Bonds, thereby increasing their chances of winning again.

A minimum purchase of £25 worth of Premium Bonds is required when buying more.

A customer recently queried whether they could hold multiple Premium Bond accounts. The provider responded: "This wouldn't be possible, we only allow for one Premium Bond account per person. You could however, track the specific Bond numbers and assign them for the purpose you'd like."