NS&I warns Premium Bonds holders to take immediate action 'before 8pm'

National Savings and Investments have warned Premium Bonds holders to act "before 8pm". NS&I Premium Bonds holders who withdrew their winning sbefore 8pm on May 23 will have woken up to the payments on Tuesday, May 28, after the Bank Holiday weekend.

A customer got in touch with the provider over X on May 23 to ask: "If I request to withdraw money from my Premium Bonds tonight how long does it take to show in my bank?" The savings giant replied: "If you make a withdrawal from your Premium Bonds today, as long as it is before 8pm, it will arrive to your bank on 28 May."

The saver then asked for a further clarification, querying: "Would that still be the case as it is a bank holiday this week? I made withdrawal last night at 7pm." NS&I responded: "Yes, the timeframe accounts for the bank holiday."

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You can cash in all or part of your Bonds at any time, NS&I says on its website. "If you’re registered to manage your savings online or by phone, simply log in or call us," it adds, continuing: "Not registered? You can easily withdraw money from yours or your child’s Premium Bonds without needing to create an online profile.

"All you need to do is fill out a quick online form. Make sure you have your account details to hand." It went on to say: "Please note: you must be the person responsible for the child’s Premium Bonds in order to withdraw them or close the account."

"If you’d like to take money out of Premium Bonds, but make sure that certain Bonds are kept in the draw, you can do this online using a form," it said. "You can also download, print and complete a cashing in form. Then post your completed form to us together with the Bond certificates to be cashed in (if you have them).

"Don’t have access to a printer? Call us and we’ll send you a copy of the form. Find out how long it takes to receive your payment using the calculator below."