NTMC debuts nursing program

Jan. 18—A new program at North Texas Medical Center will help train recent Registered Nurse (RN) graduates, nurses bridging from Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) to RN, and nurses new to acute care as they learn the ins and outs of of their new jobs.

The first-ever Nurse Residency Program at NTMC started last week with eight nurses, and a new class begins in June. All nurses in the program will take part in 12 months of both classroom lectures and hands-on activities. This process has been proven to improve nurse competence and confidence, which in turn improves patient outcomes and patient satisfaction.

"Nurse residency programs can benefit nurses who recently graduated nursing school or who are new to their chosen nursing specialty," NTMC Chief Nursing Officer Bonnie Hess said. "Nurse residency programs seek to improve patient outcomes, job satisfaction, and communication. These programs can reduce nurse turnover, error, and self-reported stress. These residents will listen to lectures, take online learning classes, and have hands-on skills taught by experienced clinicians."

NTMC Clinical Nurse Educator Roberta Sanchez is leading the program.

"We are excited for our new residents to have a cohort of peers that they can get to know, learn, and grow with," Hess added. "From the hospital's perspective, we hope to improve patient outcomes, improve nurse retention, and increase job satisfaction in our newest nurses."

For more information, contact Sanchez at 940-612-8115 or by email at