This Is The Number Of Women Who Actually Orgasm During Sex With Men

Orgasm, if achieved, is a wonderful thing. Everyone can agree that having sex is a very fun activity.

But let’s be real, we all know there is a huge orgasm gap between men and women. But according to new research from Durex, this is not just a little gap, it is a whole damn void because their study has shown that women are having up to four times less orgasms on average than a sexually active man.

Out of a survey of 2000 adults, only 5% women are likely to say they’ve always orgasmed during sex, compared to 20% men. And this number only reduces when considering penetrative sex with 4 in ten (40%) sexually active women versus around 1 in 10 men (12%) saying they never or very rarely achieve orgasm through this activity alone.

Faking orgasms is very common among women, and according to this research, almost half (43%) of the women in the UK have at some point faked an orgasm so as to not hurt their partner’s feelings or just to get it over with.

So what steps can someone take in order to close the orgasm gap? Sex expert Alix Fox provides some tips and advice on how to make sure everyone orgasms.


When it comes to mutual ground in the bedroom, foreplay is key to both sexes in achieving orgasm, says Fox. Don’t rush into penetration immediately. Foreplay should be the main focus in trying to achieve the big O.

Different Approaches

When it comes to varying needs in the bedroom between men and women, experimentation with sex toys is a huge point of difference. Nearly a fifth (19%) of women have cited this as one of the ways they’re most likely to orgasm.

Sex toys can play a very big part in increasing sexual pleasure and get you to orgasm.

Speaking Up and Communication

Everyone seeks pleasure differently. And everyone reaches their climax through different methods. At the end of the day, you know what works best for you, so relay that information to your partner for maximum results — and learn their pleasure points too.

“Ask, listen and learn how your partner likes to be touched. Develop ways to comfortably, constructively talk about sex together, and make it a regular habit, since moods, needs and desires can change over time,” says Fox.

Take That Extra Time

Just because one person has achieved climax doesn’t mean you stop the activity altogether. Make sure you and your partner are both stimulated enough to be satisfied. And take that extra time to make sure everyone gets their happy ending.