Nutrition expert's superfoods to give you clear, glowing skin

Dr Federica Amati who is the chief nutritionist for the health app zoe had some tips to make your skin perfect
-Credit: (Image: Zoe)

A nutritional expert has explained which ‘superfoods’ people need to eat to get a clear, glowing skin. Dr Federica Amati who is the chief nutritionist for the health app Zoe said that extra virgin olive oil as well as beans and berries were the thing to concentrate on.

She explained in a post on Instagram that the health of your gut bacteria has a massive impact on skin - with inflammation leading to problems. Dr Amati said: “What you eat impacts your skin health.

"We know that inflammation in the gut can result in skin conditions like acne and eczema. One of the ways that we can combat this and maintain skin health and get that lovely glowy look that we all want is to eat foods that support our gut health and that provide lots of essential antioxidants for our skin.”

And she went on to explain how certain types of food would be the best to eat for perfect skin. Dr Amati said: “Extra virgin olive oil is an excellent example of this. It’s a really good source of fat that helps to maintain our skin tone, but it also contains polyphenols, which are antioxidants. Beans contain fibre, as do our berries over here, which is really good for overall gut health, including the gut skin axis.”

She added that a drink could also be of benefit: “This is Kefir, a fermented milk which contains lots of prebiotic strains that are associated with reducing inflammation. When we reduce inflammation in the gut, we reduce inflammation throughout the body, and so we decrease the level of inflammation we see in the skin. Finally, this is wild garlic pesto. Now any pesto will do but leafy greens that are brightly coloured that you can add to your meals really help with both the polyphenol content, but also with the adding fibre to your meals, which helps too.”