Nutrition labelling in the EU: Should food have an EU-wide, front-of-pack label?

Europe has been mulling an EU-wide food labelling system, ostensibly in order to help people make healthier choices. Nutrition information is standard on the back or side of food packaging, of course. But now there are efforts to put labels on the front of items.

An EU Commission report has suggested that a majority of consumers would find front-of-pack labels useful, with demand for that highest among older and overweight people. But the issue isn't just where to put labels – it's about what constitutes accurate and clear information for consumers. This is where EU member states have their own ideas. Some believe that harmonisation would mean that their traditional products could be penalised. We delve into the issue with two MEPs.

Programme produced by Yi Song, Sophie Samaille, Perrine Desplats and Isabelle Romero.

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