Oakland Zoo Keepers Care for Baby Wallaroo After Mother's Death

The Oakland Zoo staff is caring for a baby wallaroo after its mother died earlier this month from an infection. The zoo released video of the baby on Wednesday, March 15, showing the zoo staff caring for him.

The male joey is five months old and receiving around-the-clock care until he can live independently with the zoo’s other wallaroos, which is expected in three months. Baby wallaroos normally emerge from their mothers pouch after they turn eight months old.T

The joey’s mother, Maloo, was three years old and a first-time mother. On March 1, she removed the joey from her pouch, which indicated to zookeepers there was a problem. The veterinarian discovered the infection and gave her antibiotics, but she died the following day.

The joey, which doesn’t have a name yet, is bottle-fed seven times per day with a high-grade formula made in Australia. He is given water twice a day for hydration and bundled inside a makeshift pouch in a temperature-controlled room. He’s also taken outside twice a day to get sun. Credit: Oakland Zoo via Storyful