Obama Visits Chicago for Campaign Fundraising

According to the Chicago Tribune, President Barack Obama is heading back to his hometown today for three fundraisers to boost his campaign budget for the upcoming election. Obama will specifically be attending an event at the University of Illinois at Chicago to meet with about 500 supporters at a cost of $100 per ticket. Then he will head to a fundraiser for 60 people, which cost $35,800 per couple, followed by an event with 100 people who paid $7,500 per ticket.

So far, the president has raised $86.2 million with $61.4 million in the bank. With Obama's visit to the Windy City to help campaign for his re-election, here are some ways the GOP candidates are getting their name out in Illinois.

Mitt Romney

In May, Romney visited Chicago to raise campaign money and establish his campaign in the state, noted the Chicago Tribune. And after winning the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary, Romney undoubtedly has momentum behind him, including with Illinois Republicans. Another article from NBC Chicago reported that Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Illinois, has officially endorsed Romney in addition to Romney winning the in-person voting session of the Illinois Straw Poll in October with 35 percent. As of September, the former Massachusetts governor had raised $679,714 in Illinois.

Rick Santorum

Even though Santorum represented Pennsylvania during his time in the U.S. House and the Senate, he actually graduated from Carmel High School in Mundelein, Ill., a suburb of Chicago, in 1978, according to NBC Chicago. After his razor thin second-place finish in Iowa, Santorum and his campaign has boosted their presence in the Prairie State, noted the Daily Herald. State Reps. Penny Pullen, R-Arlington Heights, and Al Salvi, R-Wauconda, are helping spearhead his campaign in the state. Politico reported the GOP hopeful just made the filing deadline of Jan. 6 to appear on the Illinois ballot.

Ron Paul

While Romney might have won the in-person voting session, Paul claimed victory overall in the Illinois Straw Poll by garnering 52 percent of the votes, winning in online and total votes, according to the Associated Press. Similarly, Paul is already approved to appear on the state's Republican primary ballots on March 20, according to the State Journal-Register, and he has delegates and alternate delegate candidates lined up in Illinois congressional districts.

Newt Gingrich

Along with Santorum, Gingrich just made the deadline for filing for a spot on the Illinois Primary ballot, which involved submitting numerous signatures, reported the Carmi Times. Gingrich made a notable visit to Tampico, Ill., the birthplace of Ronald Reagan, last February, where he praised Reagan's rural Illinois upbringing and his values, noted the Herald Review. Based in Barrington, the Illinois with Newt 2012 campaign has helped push the presidential hopeful's name through various work and other organizational activities, including rounding up all delegates, reported an article from the Patch.

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