Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners: Britain’s keenest cleaners go Stateside for epic tidying jobs

Ben Travis
Culture clash: Mark and Tina head to America to clean the hoarder-house of 70 year-old Patrick: Channel 4

There’s something weirdly compelling about seeing a house go from total tip to squeaky-clean in less than an hour.

There’s the strange satisfaction of seeing how filthy a house can become, how much stuff can be hoarded – and the catharsis of watching it be turned upside down and become tidy again.

Channel 4’s Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners is taking this concept to the next level with its latest series.

The new run sees British neat-freaks venture to the US to unleash their skills on even bigger and filthier houses.

First up for a major spring clean is the house of 70 year-old Patrick from Texas. He confesses his wife was a hoarder, and after her death he never went through all the stuff she accrued over time.

“My house is a deplorable mess,” he admits. “It’s time for me to get busy and straighten in all out and get on with my life.”

Step in Mark and Tina, who fly across the pond to get their marigold-covered hands stuck in.

Their reactions to Patrick’s house are priceless, including the revelation that his cats openly defecate on the floor.

“I’m really sorry, I’ve got to get out,” says a panicked Tina after seeing the dining room, piled so high with rubbish that you certainly couldn’t dine in there.

As well as tidying Patrick’s house, the duo get an insight into the culture they’re staying in – where cleaning products are called things like ‘Krud Kutter’, rodeos are the local entertainment, and guns can be bought across the counter in DIY shops.

Channel 4, 8pm