Ocean Hotel legal action dropped — here's why

Ocean Hotel legal action dropped — here's why
Ocean Hotel legal action dropped — here's why

THE LEGAL action against the former owner of the Ocean Hotel has been dropped ... and here's why.

Earlier this week, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) decided there was no case to answer in the action against Stephen Purvis, the once-owner of the Ocean Hotel, through his company Phoenix Commercial Property Developments (PCPD).

It was alleged Mr Purvis failed to comply with a Community Protection Notice (CPN) on July 12 in regard to the Sandown Esplanade eyesore property.

A CPS spokesperson however has confirmed after a review of the case, it concluded the legal test was no longer met.

This was because evidence had been provided to demonstrate Mr Purvis was not the director of PCPD at the time the CPN was issued.


But, how did we get here?


In April last year, the freehold of the Ocean Hotel was sold to PCPD, of which Mr Purvis was a director.

In May this year, Hampshire Constabulary announced it had issued a CPN warning against PCPD, which the company was required to comply with by June 10.

No action had been taken so the police issued a formal CPN on June 11, giving the company a month to comply.

Again, no action had been taken by July 11, so on July 12 Hampshire Constabulary issued summons to court for the owners.

While all of this was unfolding, however, changes were being made at PCPD, but public records were not updated to reflect that.

Documents uploaded to Companies House on September 13 — the day the alleged CPN breach was first due to be heard in court —  show Mr Purvis and PCPD parted ways on May 31.

A PCPD spokesperson said Mr Purvis has launched legal action against the police and itself, his former company, for failing to accurately maintain its registers.

The company has since sold its freehold to the Ocean Hotel and walked away from the Island.

Hampshire Constabulary has confirmed securing the abandoned hotel is still a priority and is currently liaising with its current owners to make sure it happens.