Octopus Energy says it will 'pay' customers after 'massive milestone'

An electric car charging breakthrough could see drivers paid to charge. Drivers could save £250 a year with the Octopus charging scheme, as part of a "groundbreaking innovation" which will see motorists, drivers and road usera able to save at public charging stations.

Octopus has announced that it will have "dozens" of "Plunge Pricing" events over the next year where drivers can save between 15 and 45 per cent per kWh. Matt Davies, Director of Octopus Electroverse, said: “This is a massive milestone: for the first time drivers can power up and pay less on the public charging network when green energy’s abundant.

"It isn’t your average discount - it’s revolutionising public charging and something that could never be done with petrol. We’re geared up to work with more charge point brands so we can bring this to even more people.”

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Electroverse has so far trialled five of these events at over 7,500 charge points across brands like IONITY, Osprey, Blink, Be.EV, GeniePoint and Raw. Discounts to date have ranged from 15%-45% per kWh. There is even potential in the future for drivers to get paid to charge up their car when wholesale prices go negative.

Octopus expects to have dozens of ‘Plunge Pricing’ events over the next year, with plans to expand the innovation across even more charge point brands into the future. Hundreds of customers have already taken part and saved £6.50 on average on a single charge. Electric car drivers could save up to £250 a year as a result of this new service.

This is the latest step by Octopus, which is rivalled by British Gas, EDF, Eon and more, to help rapidly accelerate the roll-out of clean electric transport - and comes as its Octopus Electric Vehicles division has powered ahead to become the UK’s largest EV-only leasing business.