Octopus Tries to Drag Diver's Hand 'Into Her Den'

An Australian diver had a very hands-on experience with an octopus as the curious mollusk tried to pull her by the fingers “into her den”.

Diver and keen photographer Jules Casey told Storyful that she filmed this footage under Rye Pier, located on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, on May 9 using a GoPro Hero 7.

Posting the footage to Instagram, Casey wrote that she had seen the octopus “for several weeks” as it stayed in “the safety of her den”.

However, “she was quite curious and trusting on the day I extended my hand to her. She carefully and tenderly explored my hand, I could feel every suction cup tasting my skin. I was surprised at her strength as she tried to pull my hand towards her den.”

Casey, a keen diver and freediver, often posts footage of what she sees below the waves at Port Phillip Bay to her OneBreathDiver Instagram account, where she has over 90,000 followers.

Her work notes both interesting marine life, as well as dangers posed to underwater creatures by pollution. Credit: Jules Casey via Storyful