Odd Olympics Addition: Fashion Designers

It makes a lot of sense that a fashion designer like Cedella Marley would help an athletic apparel company like Puma dress Olympic teams. However, most of the world does not associate high performance sportswear with Ralph Lauren. While game uniforms are traditionally un-fashionable, many iconic high end fashion designers have been selected for the upcoming London 2012 Olympics to change that notion.

This also explains why the outfits that some modern Team USA athletes wear during Olympic ceremonies are always exquisite -- although somewhat out of place.

Beatles' daughter dresses the Olympics

When it comes to the London 2012 Olympics, the Brits are fierce about making sure their country is fully represented. Naturally, when many people think of the U.K. they conjure the popular musical act The Beatles. For this reason, it is not surprising that a member of that icon would be asked to work with London's Olympic Committee.

Regardless, Paul McCartney's daughter hardly needs her father's image to help her career. In fact, being asked to design for athletes is nothing new to Stella McCartney. Starting in 2004, her fashion design lines picked up work from Adidas. Since then, she has used her high end techniques to create a tennis-wear collection for Caroline Wozniacki and a fur-free British Royal Guard hat. For the Olympics, McCartney plans to do what she thinks is the impossible -- make people look good in track suit.

It may be weird to be a haute couture style master in an athletic world, but McCartney's sporty success was part of a Giorgio Armani prediction.

Giorgio Armani predicts fashion's sporty future

In 2004, Giorgio Armani announced that the new fashion icons would be sports men and women. Of course, this trend was propelled by designers in the early 1990s when Pucci created wardrobes for European soccer teams. Nevertheless, Armani was right about athletes becoming the new fashion statement. For this reason, any designer that follows trends has been drawn toward sports in the past decade.

Despite this, if you think that Armani lacks jock style due to his metrosexual leanings; think again. In addition to designing for the Olympics, Armani also sponsors the Olympic Milan basketball team.

Ralph Lauren goes beyond polo

Polo Sport is about the only thing athletic that many associate with Ralph Lauren. On the other hand, this designer has a flair for sports (besides polo) that few are aware of. For example, earlier this year in San Francisco, he displayed many of his prize antique race cars. As far as the Olympics go, he has sponsored the entire U.S. team in the past and covered their fan-based apparel.

For the 2012 London Olympics, he is particularly focusing on Paralympic athletes this year. Another one of his ideas for this round of upcoming creations is that certain athletes will be style ambassadors during the games. Included are Paralympic basketball player Matt Scott, Jennifer Kessy in beach volleyball, Bryan Clay in decathlon, and Henry Cejudo in wrestling.

The Olympics has a fashionable 30 foot puppet

To many, it will seem weird that Zandra Rhodes is involved in sports at all. While most fashion designers that are invited to the Olympics will be working with apparel, Rhodes will be on a different road. Instead of working with athletes, Rhodes will be creating clothing for a giant puppet at the London 2012 Olympics.

Based on an 11th Century noblewoman named Lady Godiva, this 30 foot puppet will need the fashion expertise of Rhodes. To say the least, this will be a fashion design feat that few will want to miss. For instance, in order to awaken this puppet, the power of 50 bicycles will be used. There will also be hundreds of pyrotechnicians, dancers, and other performers for the rising of Lady Godiva.

If you want to see this masterpiece unfurled, attend the London Olympics. The work of Rhodes will be displayed as part of the celebration related to the Coventry men's and women's Olympic football tournaments.