Some Odd Things Are Happening As Britain Mourns The Queen

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A marmalade sandwich with a note that says
A marmalade sandwich with a note that says

A marmalade sandwich with a note that says "A marmalade sandwich for your journey, Ma'am" a nod to the Queen's association with Paddington Bear, left among the flowers laid by members of the public at Balmoral in Scotland. (Photo: Owen Humphreys via PA Wire/PA Images)

Queen Elizabeth II’s death is being marked by a period of national mourning, with the late monarch’s funeral taking place next Monday once a series of royal protocols are followed.

The protracted memorial has created a vacuum which is being filled by some curious behaviour.

Too many marmalade sandwich tributes 

Mourners are being urged not to leave Paddington bears and marmalade sandwiches among the floral tributes to the Queen.

The Royal Parks said on Monday no gifts or artefacts will be accepted and that non-floral objects should not be taken.

The shrines at royal residences over the last few days have included tributes such as teddy bears, Corgi soft toys, balloons and marmalade sandwiches in a nod to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee sketch with Paddington Bear.

“The Royal Parks are suggesting that there are enough Paddingtons and marmalade sandwiches in the parks at the moment,” BBC Breakfast presenter Sally Nugent said outside Buckingham Palace on Monday morning.

“So please feel free to bring flowers, but maybe don’t bring anymore Paddingtons or marmalade sandwiches for now.”

Mother’s funeral cancelled

On the James O’Brien show on LBC radio, a caller told the presenter her mother’s funeral would not go ahead as it was on the same day as the Queen’s.

She said: “The funeral directors phoned us around 9 o’clock this morning and said ‘I’m sure you know why I’m ringing’. I didn’t. We’d had a few people contacting us over the weekend to say ‘had anything changed’ and we said of course not.”

The crematorium was very “matter of fact” that it would be closed next Monday, she said.

The caller added: “It feels like one of those decisions that can be made on paper very easily, but there’s no appreciation of the stress and practical problems that causes.”

Presenter films ‘quiet reflection’

GB News presenter Dan Wootton has faced a backlash after posting a video of himself laying a floral tribute at Buckingham Palace in a moment of “quiet reflection”.

Wootton wrote: “I wanted to return to Buckingham Palace today for some quiet reflection and lay my own tribute. Crowds young, old, from all ethnicities and backgrounds.

“Truly the best of British doing her justice.”

Someone claiming to have witnessed the spectacle suggested it took four takes.

And many pointed out he has previously criticised Harry and Meghan for being photographed at a war memorial in Los Angeles, California.

Bowie NFT delayed

Brands have been mocked mercilessly for what you might charitably describe as their clumsy attempts to pay tribute.

Among the more unlikely is the delayed launch of a new non-fungible token (NFT) project celebrating David Bowie.

‘Bowie On The Blockchain’ has been halted until the mourning period is over, according to the late pop star’s official Twitter account.

‘Car free day’ postponed

A London council has postponed its “car free day” to honour the Queen’s death.

Hammersmith and Fulham Council has put the brakes on plans to keep King Street open to motorists, it said.

The borough announced on Twitter: “Please be aware that, following the passing of Her Majesty The Queen, today’s scheduled Car Free Day celebration in Hammersmith has been postponed. As a result, King Street will now remain open to motorists.”

One Twitter user wrote: “A beautiful tribute. I’m watching the traffic jam between TK Maxx and the William Morris with a patriotic tear running down my cheek.”

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