Officer Pulls Colleague Out of Careening Vehicle's Path in Virginia

Police in Gate City, Virginia, released footage showing the moment a police officer pulled his colleague away from an out-of-control vehicle on October 3.

Officer Jessica McGraw was conducting an accident investigation on Highway 23, according to Gate City Police Department, when she was joined by Officer Matthew Stewart. The two officers can be seen talking on the side of the road.

The department said a driver of a white passenger car on the northbound side of the road then lost control and crossed the median. The white vehicle can be seen striking Officer McGraw’s patrol car, whipping it towards the two officers.

“Officer Stewart caught a glimpse of the vehicle coming towards them and was able to react within a moment’s notice to grab McGraw and pull her out of the path of the spinning patrol car,” Chief of Police Justin Miller said.

Besides a minor leg injury sustained by Officer Stewart, the pair emerged unharmed. Credit: Gate City Police Department via Storyful

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