Officers Tackle Alligator Found on Lawn of Mississippi Home

A sheriff’s deputy and a wildlife officer captured an “eight-to-10 foot” alligator in Eagle Lake, Mississippi, on May 18, with local media reporting that the reptile was found on a couple’s lawn that morning.

David Day, of Vicksburg Daily News, posted a live Facebook video showing the process the officers used to capture the reluctant reptile.

A Vicksburg Daily News report said that Deputy Johnny Beauchamp of the Warren County Sheriff’s Department and Lee Harvey with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks were the officers on hand.

The seven-minute video shows the alligator resisting capture, only for the officers to wrap some tape around its jaws, and bind its front feet.

The Vicksburg Daily News report said the animal would be released in a remote location. Credit: Vicksburg Daily News via Storyful

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