The (Official) Amount of Time You Should Microwave Popcorn, According to Orville Redenbacher

We turned to the experts for the answer.

<p>George Rose/Getty Images, Valeriy Lushchikov/Getty Images</p>

George Rose/Getty Images, Valeriy Lushchikov/Getty Images

There are few pleasures as simple as microwaving a bag of popcorn and curling up on the couch with a good movie. Right? Well… Allow us to complicate things for you. As it turns out, you might not be microwaving your popcorn long enough—or you might be microwaving it too long.

If you’re undercooking your popcorn, you’re probably leaving a lot of unpopped kernels (and we all know that burnt popcorn isn’t ideal).

So how long should you be popping your popcorn? We turned to the experts at Orville Redenbacher for the answer.



How Long to Microwave Popcorn

It can take between two and four minutes to microwave a perfect bag of popcorn. The exact cook time can vary depending on a few factors, including your microwave’s age and wattage.

It’s actually more important to pay attention to the time between pops than the time on the microwave’s display, according to Orville Redenbacher.

“For an optimal popping experience, we recommend listening to the microwave and waiting until the popping slows to one second between pops,” says Dan Skinner, a Brand Content and Communications Manager at Conagra Brands (Orville Redenbacher’s parent company).

There you have it: When the pops are one second apart, it’s time to stop the microwave.

Should You Use the Popcorn Button On the Microwave?

In short? No. The button (that may or may not be on your microwave, depending on the make and model) is essentially a guess at how long it might take to cook an average bag of popcorn—but microwaves and bags vary from product-to-product. While the button is nice in theory, it may result in burnt popcorn.

“The popcorn button on microwaves is simply a one-button way to start the microwave at the approximate time needed to pop a bag,” according to Skinner. “But with varying bag sizes and kernel types, this isn’t always the best option.”

<p>Valeriy Lushchikov/Getty Images</p>

Valeriy Lushchikov/Getty Images

How to Microwave Popcorn Perfectly Every Time

For foolproof microwave popcorn, follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove the plastic, unfold the bag, and place the bag in the microwave with the correct side facing up.

  2. Set your microwave’s power to HIGH for four minutes.

  3. Stay in the kitchen and listen closely.

  4. When the popping slows to one second per pop, stop the microwave.

  5. Remove the bag from the microwave using the top corners. Don’t forget the bag is hot!

  6. Carefully open the bag, avoiding direct contact with the escaping steam. 

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