It's official: northerners 'are funnier than southerners'

North-south divide: Peter Kay, left is from Bolton, while Micky Flanagan is a Londoner (Rex/PA)

No joke: northerners really are funnier than southerners.

Following extensive research by Comedy Central into which part of England is home to the funniest folk, the north has come out on top by some margin.

And this isn’t simply a case of loads of northerners bigging themselves up – 61 per cent of southerners agree that northerners are funnier.

The funniest UK cities are mostly up north, too, with Liverpool being crowned comedy capital with 23 per cent of the vote, followed by Newcastle (14 per cent). London was in third place with 12 per cent.

The capital did come top in some areas, mind: sarcasm, for which it received 26 per cent of the vote, and ‘most miserable city in the UK’ (18 per cent).


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Meanwhile, Glasgow was acknowledged as the home of dirty humour, with 12.3 per cent of comedy fans saying it’s their best bet for off-colour japes.

While the north has brought us the big name likes of Peter Kay, Steve Coogan and Sarah Millican, we have the south to thank for Ricky Flanagan, Stewart Lee and Ricky Gervais.

Interestingly, 11 per cent of folk think they could rival these big names, believing they’re so funny they could have been comedians. 17 per cent said that no one ever laughs at their jokes, however.

The funniest cities in the UK

Liverpool 23%

Newcastle 14%

London 12%

Manchester 10%

Glasgow 10%

Edinburgh 4%

Bristol 3%

Birmingham 3%

Belfast 3%

Brighton 2%