Official Says 2022 Fire Season 'Devastating' as Forest Fire Burns on Czech-German Border

The regional environment minister for Saxony, Germany, said the 2022 fire season has
been “devastating”, as firefighters worked to extinguish a forest fire burning on the Czech-German border on Tuesday, July 26.

Footage by German politician Andre Barth, who said he was filming from the German side of the border, shows a helicopter picking up water and smoke rising from mountainous, forested areas in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park.

According to German officials, more than 250 firefighters as well as armed forces and police were deployed to tackle the fire, which first broke out in the Czech Republic on Sunday.

Environment Minister for Saxony Wolfram Gunther said the forest fire was a “tragedy for the region,” adding, “climate crisis knows no national borders,” according to a machine translation. Credit: Andre Barth via Storyful

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