What Ofsted said about this primary school

Orleton CE Primary School children pictured in 2020 (Image: Rob Davies)
Orleton CE Primary School children pictured in 2020 (Image: Rob Davies)

A PRIMARY school near Herefordshire has been praised for having a "family feel".

Ofsted visited Orleton CE Primary School and said that the school had remained good since its last inspection.

Visiting the school to carry out an ungraded inspection, Lynda Townsend from Ofsted said the school was welcoming with a community spirit.

She also praised pupils' behaviour and said that they felt safe.

"Children in the early years quickly settle into routines that help them learn," the report said.

"Pupils in class are keen to share their ideas. They enjoy the recognition they receive for work in celebration assemblies. Pupils attend school well."

The inspector said the school, with 178 pupils aged between four and 11, looks after children well and that parents spoke highly of its support.

Ms Townsend said: "There is a family feel to the school. It is welcoming and pupils are happy and well looked after. They have positive relationships with staff. As a result, pupils feel safe."

The inspector said pupils had an impressive range of opportunities to support their development, but "looking at the wider context, it does not support pupils' understanding of the value of skills and knowledge in the real world".

To improve, she said the pupils needed more opportunities to recap prior learning across the whole curriculum. She also said that pupils needed to explore their learning in a wider context by applying their skills and knowledge in the real world.