Oh fork! Skolopad in insect inspired couture

Oh fork! Skolopad in insect inspired couture

Cape Town - Local entertainer Skolopad debuted her latest botanical inspired look and the internet is buzzing.

Speaking to The Juice Skolopad says the inspiration for the ensemble was "the richness of summer." And that the brown and gold tight-fitting leotard resembles a bee. 

"It's a time of the bees, flowers blossom, fruits start to grow from the trees. My colours are brown and gold not black and yellow. Brown and gold like a bee to pollenate the nation, those with allergies must just be strong," she says.   

She adds: "I wanted to inspire the community to remember the basics and do what is necessary to survive. Food comes from the soul remember that."

In a series of photos Skolopad showcases her look while posing in nature, with a garden fork. 

Local fashion house Monadecious Fashion designed the outfit, and did the photoshoot.