'Oh My God': Storm Chaser Films 'Insane' Getaway From Tornado Near Crowell

A storm chaser filmed the hair-raising moment he and his friend escaped from the path of a raging tornado southwest of Crowell, Texas, on Wednesday, May 4.

The tornado touched down near a collection of wind farms south of Crowell on Wednesday, as severe storms swept from northern Texas into Oklahoma.

The National Weather Service warned those in the path of the storm to immediately take precautions as the tornado moved through Foard County. The service later warned of life-threatening conditions as a “large and dangerous” was seen near Lockett.

This video was filmed by Marcus Diaz, who can be heard exclaiming “Oh my God” before the pair hit the gas to flee the approaching tornado. Credit: Marcus Diaz via Storyful

Video transcript

MARCUS DIAZ: Oh my God, Connor.

- What now?



- We're good. We're good.


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