Ohio Police Officer Helps Distressed Parents Deliver Baby Inside Car

A police officer in the Cleveland, Ohio, area helped a mom and dad deliver their new baby boy in the backseat of their Toyota in the early morning hours of November 11, the Richmond Heights Police Department said.

In an interview with local news, Officer Jonathan Ross said he was on radar duty when a man “frantically” waved him down.

According to the report from WKYC, the baby’s head and arms had emerged, but he wasn’t yet crying.

Officer Ross hadn’t been trained in baby delivery, he told WKYC, but the policeman noticed the amniotic sac was still covering the infant’s head. Officer Ross said he was able to remove the sac, turn the baby boy around, and pat his back until he started crying. He stayed with the family until paramedics arrived, reports said. Credit: Richmond Heights Police Department via Storyful