Ex-Buckeyes star Cardale Jones insists his appearance at Mike Pence’s Ohio rally wasn’t political

Ryan Young
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Former Ohio State star Cardale Jones was seen taking photos with fans and even got a shoutout from Vice President Mike Pence at a campaign rally for President Donald Trump in Columbus, Ohio, on Monday.

The quarterback, however, insisted that he wasn’t there for any political reasons.

Jones told the Columbus Dispatch that, “I don’t talk politics,” when asked directly at the rally, and then took to Twitter to make his stance clear after photos of him at the rally surfaced.

“I was there to support a local business who hosted the event,” Jones wrote on Twitter without naming the business. “No political or social attachment. Just support for the business!!”

Jones played for the Buckeyes from 2013-15 and led them to a national title during the 2014 season, the first under the new College Football Playoff format. He was selected by the Buffalo Bills in the fourth round of the 2016 draft, but appeared in just one game. The 27-year-old last played in the XFL.

Pence, speaking alone on the campaign trail in Ohio while Trump is in Florida for a separate rally, gave Jones and the Buckeyes’ national title team a shoutout during his speech.

Jones didn’t say who he was planning on voting for in the upcoming election, but did confirm on Twitter that he will actually cast a vote.

Until he makes up his mind, Jones said he plans to learn as much as possible.

Former Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones in 2015
Cardale Jones was spotted at Mike Pence’s campaign rally in Columbus on Monday, and even got a shoutout from the Vice President during his speech. (AP/Bradley Leeb, File)

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