Ok, so what actually are Jason and Brett Oppenheim's net worths?

selling the oc billion dollar listing
What are Jason and Brett Oppenheim's net worths? Netflix

After far too long away Selling The OC is finally back on Netflix for season two, reuniting us with our favourite reality TV twins Jason and Brett Oppenheim. Seriously, we've really missed their cameo appearances in the chaotic office.

The big news for the owners of The Oppenheim Group in season two is the opening of their fourth brokerage in Cabo, Mexico. This new brokerage sees the group travel to Mexico for a work trip (aka lots of tequila on a boat) where Jason and Brett reveal they've partnered with a developer on a $2billion deal.

Um $2billion? Jeeze, now that is impressive. With a potential $2billion coming into their pockets, it's got us thinking, just how rich are Brett and Jason really? With four brokerages, Netflix deals and millions of dollars in property sales it's all got to add up. So these are the net worths of Jason and Brett Oppenheim explained.

selling the oc billion dollar listing

How did the brothers start their careers?

Ok, so you may not know this but both brothers began their careers in law. Jason worked at the Los Angeles branch of O'Melveny & Myers and one of the cases he worked on, the Enron Trial, ended up being argued before the U.S. Supreme Court. Ok, Jason, we're impressed.

We're even more impressed to learn Jason used to make a yearly salary of $250,000. Brett also worked in law, with two jobs as a securities litigation attorney, but he left the industry after a few years and started working in real estate.

Jason followed Brett's lead and got bored with law and went travelling for a few years. He ended up returning home in $40,000 worth of debt, and got a job as a real estate agent, earning less than $50,000 a year.

However, not all was lost as The Oppenheim Group was then set up in 2013 and thus begins their journey to millions.

How much money have Jason and Brett made from The Oppenheim Group?

Over the years the pair have made billions of dollars selling properties at The Oppenheim Group and in commission from sales by other agents at their brokerage. According to his profile on The Oppenheim Group website, Jason has closed $3 billion in sales, and currently has $300 million in active listings.

Brett has since left The Oppenheim Group to start his own real estate firm, but we're going to go out on a limb here and say Brett most likely had similar numbers to Jason when it comes to sales.

jason and brett net worth

How much do Jason and Brett make from working with Netflix?

The Oppenheim Group's offices are the focus of Selling Sunset, which has been running for six seasons and Selling The OC for two, with Jason serving as an executive producer on Selling The OC.

Given their offices are literally the focus of the two shows it's likely the pair made quite a decent amount of money for allowing Netflix to film, however right now, it's unclear exactly how much they were paid for this.

What property do Jason and Brett own?

Yes it's easy to believe Jason and Brett practically live at the office, but they do have properties of their own they either in live or rent out.

Jason is reported to have a $4.6 million home in the Hollywood Hills, $5.125million place in Los Angeles, and two properties worth $7million and $2.8million in Newport Beach. If you add all this up it equals just under $20million in real estate investments.

Brett's real estate holdings aren't as known, but again if he's anything like his brother he's likely to have a property or two dotted about.

So, what is Jason and Brett's net worth?

With all this mind it's been reported by Celebrity Net Worth that Jason and Brett both have a net worth of around $50million. Ok, we think we need to change careers. Jason, are you hiring?

Selling The OC is available on Netflix now

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