Ok so why is Rahim not in Sex Education season 4?

sex education season 4 rahim
Why is Rahim not in Sex Education season 4?Netflix

Sex Education season four dropped on Netflix last week, introducing us to a whole host of brand new cast members, which also meant we said goodbye to some our favourites too, including Rahim (Sami Outalbali) who did not return for this season. So why is Rahim not in Sex Education season four?

Rahim was introduced in season two and quickly became interested in Eric (Ncuti Gatwa). The pair began dating with Rahim introducing Eric to his love of poetry. The pair often disagreed over their views of religion, with Eric being a Christian, while Rahim was atheist, however at one point Rahim does attend church with Eric's family.

Their relationship ended during the season two finale episode when Adam (Connor Swindells) confessed his feelings for Eric, who reciprocated them.

sex education season 4 rahim

In season three Rahim's role was slightly reduced with the majority of his plotline revolving around being upset about the breakup with Eric. Oh, and that rather awkward toilet storyline on the coach in episode five.

The last time we see Rahim is towards the end of the final episode of season three where he is reading the poem Adam wrote about Eric and texts him to say it's not bad. Adam later calls Rahim his friend.

The reason Rahim hasn't returned for season four has not been officially confirmed and Sami Outalbali has so far not commented on departing the role. Given Rahim's role was already reduced in the third season and his relationships with both Adam and Eric were resolved, it's likely Rahim's storyline had come to a natural end and that's why he didn't return for season four.

sex education season 4 rahim

It could also be that given the students were not all attending the same schools after Moordale closed down, Rahim simply didn't choose to go to Cavendish College, and so there just wouldn't have been opportunities for him to interact with the rest of the cast.

Either way, we sure did miss Rahim in the new season.

Sex Education season 4 is available on Netflix now

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