How old is too old? Love Island viewers take aim at Gemma and Davide’s eight-year age gap

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It’s the saga that refuses to die…

That’s right, the latest episode of Love Island has dropped and Michael Owen’s daughter Gemma is in the spotlight again for her age.

Last night saw the fallout of Italian hunk Davide’s decision to shake up the villa by recoupling with Gemma, thereby leaving her previous beau Liam at risk of being dumped from the villa.

But less about Liam - though he did try and win Gemma’s heart back with some awkward sharing of feelings, she wasn’t having it.

Wednesday night was the Davide and Gemma show, with the pair heading out of the villa on a pre-arranged date that saw them awkwardly kiss.

Naturally, the internet exploded.

Though Gemma’s age is now a matter of national interest, Davide is a comparatively mature 27, and multiple viewers last night threatened to report ITV to Ofcom over the incident.

“If Gemma is paired with someone above the age of 25 I’m gonna file a complaint with OFCOM,” one tweet- which received over 12,000 likes – read.

Another agreed, writing: “Davide is giving me such an intense ick, he is leering at a literal child.”

Though ITV has a strict age limit of 18 for its contestants – and 18-year-old Amelia Peters remains the youngest person to have entered the villa, all the way back in series three – Davide is one of the villa’s older residents and their age gap is a whopping eight years – as opposed to Liam, who is 22.

How big a gap is too big?

Too old? Gemma and Davide (ITV)
Too old? Gemma and Davide (ITV)

Viewers pointed to the power imbalance between Davide, who has already said that he wants to settle down and have children (worryingly, marriage was discussed during the date, as well as the mafia), and Gemma, who still competes in the “young rider” category in her international dressage competitions.

Either way, Twitter doesn’t seem convinced that their relationship will last, with multiple people pointing out the lack of chemistry between the pair.

Perhaps we’re better off spending more time with Ikenna and Indiyah: though they’re being given less screen time, at 25 and 22, they’re certainly more compatible age-wise.

Only time will tell.

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