Oliver Proudlock reveals last-minute changes to wedding plans

Tom Horton, PA
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Oliver Proudlock has revealed how he had to make last-minute plans to marry Emma Louise Connolly after it was announced that new coronavirus restrictions would be coming into force.

The Made In Chelsea star, 32, told the Dangerous Dinners podcast they had to reschedule the ceremony three times because of disruption caused by coronavirus.

He said they decided to have a “small” wedding while coronavirus restrictions were in place because they just “wanted to get married”.

The pair tied the knot in December.

“We had 15 people and the build-up to that was pretty hilarious because we were meant to get married on the 17th which was the Thursday, and then Boris made the announcement on the Monday which meant we couldn’t go ahead on the Thursday,” he said.

“Emma was out having a facial and I knew I had an hour to just make something work, and so I moved the whole wedding to the next day.

“I called the church, the priest, the florist, we had dinner planned… so I called the guy there who was incredible.”

He added that their rings are engraved with the incorrect date as a result of the change of plan “but we will keep it because we love it”.

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Oliver Proudlock and Emma Louise Connolly wed last year (Lia Toby/PA)

Proudlock said that some of his family could not be at the wedding because they were abroad.

“Everything that has been going on last year, with all the changes and the last minute, just everything, the things that went right and the things that went wrong, just made it that much more special,” he said.

“And it just made me realise what really matters in life and that is your loved one, your family, your friends and it was just the most… especially when you have a small wedding like that, just 15 of you, it’s so intimate, you’re so present.”

The couple got engaged in 2018 while celebrating their fourth anniversary in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Oliver Proudlock is on episode two of Dangerous Dinners Podcast with DJ host Tom Green