Olivia Attwood's Love Island commentary is SO GOOD

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Olivia Attwood was definitely one of the breakout stars of last year's Love Island.

The feisty lady divided fans, it's true, but we all ended up falling for her hella relatable and straight-talking one-liners.

It's hardly a surprise that Olivia has been sizing up the new batch of contestants, adding her two cents to the the endless stream of conversation that is occupying the show's official hashtag. And if you haven't checked out her live Twitter commentary yet, we suggest you do so immediately. Because, quite frankly, she's giving official commentator Iain Stirling a run for his money.

One of the talking points from Tuesday night's episode centred around new boy Charlie's eyebrows (or, to be specific, the lack of them). Olivia got the craic in early, posting this gem to her feed:

It also hasn't escaped the 2017 alum that the internet has been drawing comparisons between her and new islander Laura Anderson.

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Well, the resemblance is uncanny. She's jumped straight on the banter, nicknaming her "my girl" and telling her to "stick to the script" whenever she goes off-piste.

And the Twitter gold just seems to keep on coming:

The spot of Love Island narrator has already been filled. Iain's been lending his impeccably sarcastic voiceover skills to the reality show ever since its relaunch in 2015. He has become an integral part of the Love Island experience, whether he is saying exactly what we're all thinking or cutting through any drama with a light-hearted and hilarious quip in that signature Scottish accent. He's the younger generation's Marcus Bentley (and if you don't know who that is, we're officially feeling old).

We think that Iain and Olivia would make the perfect duo, and we would love to see them team up for some sort of in-depth Love Island analysis or reality TV roast.

Now that would make a great segment on Aftersun.

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