Olly Murs: How a break from social media helped me find love

By Sherna Noah, PA Senior Entertainment Correspondent

Olly Murs says a break from showbiz helped him find love.

The singer, 35, coupled up with Amelia Tank while taking time-out to have knee surgery to repair ligament damage.

Speaking about his six-month break from social media, The Voice coach told Good Morning Britain: “It was important for me to focus on myself.

“During that process I was very fortunate to meet my girlfriend as well.”

The couple previously went to the gym together and had been on a few dates which did not work out.

Murs went on: “After my operation we got in contact again… I was away from this world of showbiz and just at home.

“I had my hair shaven, I had one leg, a big belly – I don’t know why she’s with me.”

Murs advised: “If you’re having a difficult time, get off social platforms, just for a little while.

“Be in love with the people around you, your friends and family.

“Sometimes we disconnect ourselves from having a normal conversation and opening up about our feelings and we’re quite quick to go on a social media platform and write about it. But actually speak to people.”