Olly Murs caught with his pants down during knife attack at Sony HQ

Safeeyah Kazi
Bad timing: Olly Murs had been caught midway through a fitting: Getty Images

Olly Murs has revealed he was caught with his pants down during the knife attack at Sony Music headquarters last week.

The 34-year-old singer revealed had been midway through a fitting when the incident broke out in the Derry Street building, which is home to Simon Cowell’s label Syco.

Recalling the incident he told The Sun: “I was there — with my pants down. I was doing a styling fitting so I was getting changed and trying to put clothes on then we heard this big kerfuffle and a lot of noise.

“The whole place got ­evacuated. To walk past the canteen, to see what had ­happened — there was a lot of blood and two guys involved in a fight.”

Awkward: Olly Murs told how he feels like he has bad luck (Getty Images)

Murs continued: “I put my trousers on, I put my suit on- I looked like MC Hammer, I had these massive trousers on — but listen, it was dealt with the right way. Sony dealt with it really well.

“The most important thing is no one died, the people have been arrested and they will get dealt with.”

The incident comes a year after Murs was stuck inside Selfridges on Oxford Street last November in a terror scare.

He was ridiculed after live-tweeting about hearing gun-shots going off inside the building.

Thankful: Olly Murs was relieved the incident was a scare (SplashNews.com)

Police later said that an altercation between two men inside Oxford Circus tube station triggered the panic and they had found "no evidence of any shots fired or any suspects located by officers."

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan publicly accused him of being irresponsible.

“Stop tweeting mate. Nothing happened,” he wrote.

Murs responded: “If you was there you'd have understood mate.”

But Morgan hit back: “When you have millions of followers be very careful what you tweet.

“There were no shots, in fact nothing happened at all. So you stirred extra needless panic.”

The singer told the Sun he still receives criticism over his tweets, but still stands by his actions.

Reflecting on both incidents, the Moves singer told the publication: “I’ve been involved in two similar things now, I’m unlucky at the moment.

“It was one of those moments when you think ‘not again’. The police were running in with guns and stuff like that.

“It could have been ­terrible, we could be sat here now talking about someone dying.

“I really did have a little moment — I got home and thought, ‘God, not again.'"