Olly Murs doesn't keep in touch with former X Factor co-stars

Olly Murs doesn't keep in touch with any of his former 'X Factor' co-stars.

The 38-year-old singer took part in the show's sixth series in 2009 when he finished runner-up to Joe McElderry, and the series also featured third-place Stacey Solomon, as well as Jedward, Danyl Johnson, and Rachel Adedeji, among others, but Olly isn't sure why he doesn't see any of his fellow former contestants now.

Asked if he keeps in touch with any of his fellow 'X Factor' 2009 stars, he said: "I don't really, no!"

Quizzed on whether he sees Stacey because he lives nearby, he said: "Me and Stacey always got on really well. But again, it was really hard.

"It was really hard to I don't know, I don't know why we don't keep in contact. And it's a good question.

"I don't know why we just we all went off on our own little paths. And we went and did our own thing."

Olly admits he felt "embarrassed" with how his career took off when some of the other stars didn't have the same "luck", even though he insists they were all better singers than him.

Speaking on the 'Table Manners with Jessie and Lennie Ware' podcast, he added: "The Hunger Games is a really good way of putting it. We were literally thrown into a house. And it was like each week one person would leave and be like a revolving door.

"And then it was kind of like, well, I'm still here. And so there was definitely massive amounts of competition between us all.

"I got on really well with all of them. But then when I left, I suppose my career went in a different direction to all the other guys because although a lot of them did music, mine just sort of catapulted a bit.

"So I felt almost a bit like how do I speak? Because these guys were all much better singers than me actually.

"Fantastic singers like the control the range, how great their voices were the power they sing every day. I was always just the lad from Essex that sung a bit of karaoke, got a bit of luck, really, but I was a performer, not necessarily the best singer.

"So I got a bit embarrassed, and I was a bit like, well, do I deserve it or not? I don't know. And I wish I kept in contact with them more but I think the great thing about us all when we see each other, we have this unique bond that we all share the same experience. It's really hard to understand."