Olly Murs opens up about 'struggle with loneliness' after falling out with his twin

-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

Olly Murs has opened up about the loneliness he felt due to his estrangement from his twin brother Ben. The X Factor star hasn't seen his sibling since a heated argument in 2009.

They clashed after the pop star missed his brother's wedding and best man duties to appear on the ITV talent show. The Heart Skips A Beat singer has rarely spoken about his relationship with Ben, but recently revealed that he experienced intense loneliness for years.

However, some of this sadness eased after meeting his now wife and mother of his child, Amelia Tank. "When you've been in the womb with someone, you struggle with loneliness," Olly shared with The Times.

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"I had to deal with it when my twin and I went on our separate lives. I was desperate to be around people, could not sit in a room alone."

He also spoke about how Amelia changed his perspective, saying: "When I was single for three years, I had to learn to like my own company. That's when I met Amelia. I always thought that spark when you fall in love was a load of Disney rubbish.

"People would talk about that moment and you'd go, 'Really? ' And when it does happen, it's not like it is in films, of course. When that person walks into your life and changes how you feel, you know. She's gorgeous, the love of my life. We're a good team."

Olly opened up about finding joy in life, asserting that the formula to happiness is "following your dream" and landing a job you relish. His wife, who "loves it" working in Lloyds bank was cited as an example.

Olly attributes his tenacious work ethic to his upbringing on a council estate: "My dad was a toolmaker, up every day at 4am, and watching both my parents work so hard, that lifestyle was instilled in me," he disclosed. The pop star candidly admitted he's "good with money".

However, Olly reflected on a less fortunate episode where he considerably missed out on Deal Or No Deal in 2007, pre-fame. He had aimed to pocket £250,000 for a stable future, yet fate was cruel.

A £22,000 offer from the banker was turned down only for him to leave with £10. "I was devastated. Later I went on the show as a celebrity and won 50p. Between two shows half a million was up for grabs, and I won £10.50," he told the publication. Capping off his confessions, Olly disclosed his profound ambition in life - to be "a great husband and father".